Why dating Russian women is not for you

Why dating Russian women is not for you

If you have heard many good stories about Russian women and saw many happy guys who took a girl from Russia to their country, you might also want to date a Russian woman. It is a wise decision that might literally turn your life upside down.

On the one hand, you will find a woman of your dreams — beautiful, loving, caring, and absolutely gorgeous. On the other hand, you are going to date someone who has a totally different mindset that doesn’t always comply with yours. 

Not many men can deal with Russian women and for that reason, face tons of disappointment when dating Russian women online. If you still haven’t quit the idea of dating a woman from Russia and are ready to face the challenges, check the guide below and see why you really should make your dream come true and why you might need to give up forever.

What are real Russian women like?

Dating a Russian woman can be quite a challenge both for foreign and Russian guys. It is a challenge until you fully understand Russian culture and women’s nature though. For those who realize what a girl from Russia needs and wants, challenges turn into a beautiful fairytale.

This is very true. Russian women can turn dating into a great story of your life and you will never be looking for a woman from your country anymore. They are always cute, well-cared, sexy, loving, caring, and often spontaneous.

It means that you will never be bored with your Russian girlfriend and your everyday life will be full of events. They make men enjoy every single moment because they love enjoying themselves. However, to get such a girlfriend, you should first realize what they expect from you, so here you go.

Russian women want to date strong men

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When foreign guys hear that, they are quite confused. No, guys, don’t worry, a strong man in the understanding of a Russian woman isn’t a bodybuilding champion, not even an athlete. Good shape and an active way of life are welcomed though.  

A Russian woman wants to date a man who has his opinion, can make a decision, and bear responsibility not only for himself but for his lady and their future family. Not every man can handle a lady from Russia because she is very strong herself.  Russian women cope with difficulties much easier, solve their problems, and their support is enough for you both.

They do it because they don’t have a man to help them though. Any woman wants to be weak when dating a man. She would prefer her man to decide what color to paint the wall, where to go for vacation, or what to do tonight, for example. She would like her man to help her solve some of her issues instead of just supporting her with words.

This is what Russian women want from dating. Very often, foreign guys follow their caprices and do what they ask. Keep in mind, women in all countries of the world, without any exception, are not interested in men who are easy to manipulate. They want to see your masculinity and strong character!

They prefer kind and caring guys

Although you are strong enough, it doesn’t mean you should always be angry and pig-headed. Show your strength only in being decisive and initiative. Russian women want care when dating men. Being rude is not the feature of an alpha male, it is a quality of ignorant guys.

Kindness and readiness to show your care whenever she needs it is very appreciated by Russian women. Your care can be shown in different ways, not only in words. For example, if your crush has some problems, offer your help. Don’t even ask how you can help, just do it. Show your decisiveness. 

If you have met your woman on a Russian women dating site and just communicate, it doesn’t mean you cannot express your support. If your girl is upset because of losing her job or her precious pet, even if she is sad because of her bad haircut, send her a bunch of flowers to show that you do care about her.

This is not something luxurious and not an expensive gift. However, it is an excellent sign of attention and will make an unforgettable impression about you. Such men are worth their weight in gold for Russian women and they will happily be dating them. 

Why you should never pick a Russian woman for dating

Russian women are gorgeous and can make any man happy. Men from all over the world tend to look for their Russian beauties on various Russian women dating services. It’s no wonder because these females are beautiful and very feminine.

Their wonderful family values attract men from various countries and you cannot deny that dating a marriage-oriented woman is a dream of almost any man. However, there are some reasons for you not to pick Russian women dating, so you should be aware of them before spending your first penny on Russian women dating sites.

You still believe she will date you just because you are a foreigner

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Men believe in myths and prejudice, as well as women, and unfortunately, changing it is very difficult. There is a belief abroad that Russian women want to date foreign guys just because they are foreigners. Of course, they live in their poor country with no WiFi, McDonald’s, and don’t even have smartphones.

You will be very surprised to find out that Russian salaries are sometimes not lower than in your country, that most women there are well-educated and become real business ladies, that they attend even fancier restaurants than in your country, and their WiFi is not different from yours.

You should also know that all girls in Russia have the latest smartphones and you can make sure of it when looking at their beautiful profile photos. They can afford to travel and take selfies in gorgeous locations with those «old phones without Internet.»

If you believe that myth, you are stuck somewhere in the 1990s, and it’s time to shed some light on the situation. You cannot impress a Russian woman with your citizenship, WiFi, or blessings of civilization because they have all that and even more. They do not care about your passport but are looking to date real men who can give them what they really need.

Therefore, if you are not ready to work on yourself and conquer a woman with your actions, care, and courtship, your citizenship won’t help. Get ready to invest in the process if you want to date hot Russian women. By the way, dating Russian women online isn’t much different. You still need to invest and prove to be a good candidate for her.

You are 65 and a slender long-legged goddess in her 20s is waiting for you

Unfortunately, this is another myth created by foreign guys who got stuck in the same 1990s. If you don’t possess an outstanding athletic appearance and a very high social status, a 20-30 years younger Russian girl would hardly be interested in you.

Russian women are not much different from girls in your country, and the idea of dating a man of their fathers’ age doesn’t really attract them. If you are not dating such young girls in your country, you will not do it in Russia as well. 

Therefore, if you are a fan of that amazing myth that all Russian girls want to date old foreign guys because they consider you very mature, wise, and experienced, you should not pick dating a Russian woman. We don’t doubt you are still young at heart, but this is not the reason for young girls to date you.

You are not ready for a serious relationship

Russian women on various dating sites are not looking for fun but a meaningful long-term relationship and marriage. They can see whether you are looking for playing games miles away. Therefore, if a long-lasting relationship is not your purpose, you should not choose a Russian woman for dating.

Regardless of a widespread belief that all Russian women play games on international dating sites, this is not really so. If you pick a woman with a 20-40 age gap, don’t be surprised to be rejected eventually. It happens not because she isn’t serious but because you are not very realistic. If you choose a woman of the right age group, you will never face a game player. 

However, when you believe in miracles and think you can conquer a young beauty with your gray hair, beer belly, and multiple wrinkles all over your body, then no complaints about game players can be accepted. You receive what you are striving for.

Mature Russian women are looking for dating, marriage, and relationships. They aren’t looking for anything else. If you pursue realistic goals, you will never be scammed or played with. You will surely find the one who will make you very happy. So, stick to common sense while dating Russinan women and love will find you soon!