Your Russian wife finder

Your Russian wife finder

A Russian wife is the object of admiration and desire for many men. She is the one described in songs and fairytales. Many foreign guys strive for having a wife from Russia. Lots of them succeed while there are also those who fail with their Russian woman.

Of course, having a wife who comes from a different culture is not that easy. You live in different worlds and speak different languages. Therefore, knowing some peculiarities of her personality traits, culture, and dating habits would be a must before starting your search.

If you consider a Russian woman as your wife, learn these tips on how to find her, where to look for, and what to expect from a lady from Russia. Find out also why you might not need to marry a Russian girl.

The pros of having a wife from Russia

Russian women are not special if you believe they are. They have their advantages and shortcomings like all people on Earth. However, they possess certain qualities that might be suitable for a man from any country. 

Russian wives are not only beautiful but also loyal, caring, and really strong. Their strength is not physical as you may suppose (although this is also often the case) but mental. These girls have strong spirits and can cope with any difficult situation. Sometimes, it seems there are no borders for them.

Find out more about the benefits of having a Russian wife. If you are going to find a mature Russian wife, then you should know what to expect and what they expect from you, actually.

Beauty vs intelligence

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Everyone has heard about the extreme beauty of Russian women that is expressed not only in their external qualities but also in their ability to present themselves. There are many stunning ladies in the world. You can find such a wife in any country. Yet, not all of them can carry themselves with dignity as Russian women do.

Always well-cared, well-groomed, and dressed perfectly well. Feminity is their secret armour. No matter what they wear, they always look their best. If you want each man to envy you, then pick a Russian wife. 

Beauty isn’t their only advantage though. You will be truly impressed by how smart and educated these ladies are. Most of them possess at least one degree and are very smart. These girls can maintain any topic, from soccer to politics. You will never be bored with them for sure. 

Femininity vs strength

Meeting a feminine woman is such a rare thing these days. Most girls in the world strive for being feministic and independent. They do not want to express how tender or weak they are. Russian wives are not afraid of being weak when it comes to a relationship. 

At the same time, most of them are independent enough. They do not depend on their men anymore and prefer getting a good career and earning for living themselves. This is a unique ability to be strong and weak at the same time. That is what attracts men from all over the globe.

This lady can become your best support and partner. She will cheer you up in any life situation. Even when you believe that there is no way out and you are helpless, your Russian wife will find the way and perfect solution to that issue. 

Having a wife who can combine both being feminine and extremely strong at the same time is a real blessing. If this is what you want and need, then pick a Russian woman and have a partner who will always support you no matter what.

Loyalty vs defiance

A Russian wife will always be loyal to you. They do not tend to cheat on or betray their husbands. If she doesn’t love you, it is better to break up but never cheat. This is a rare quality nowadays, isn’t it? However, there are certain requirements that Russian women also have for their husbands.

They are not very easy to handle. Lots of them have a hot temper and can say their opinion directly if they do not like something. To get such a loyal partner, you should first work hard on it and invest a lot of time and attention into your woman.

A Russian wife must see your attitude: if it is good and she feels loved and needed, only then will she be committed to you. Many guys find it difficult to deal with ladies from Russia, but it happens only because they cannot understand their needs and meet their expectations.

Why you should not look for a Russian wife

The advantages of having a Russian wife are obvious to everyone. You get a very beautiful, hot, loyal, smart, and caring wife who will support you in any period of your life like nobody else. There must be certain shortcomings though you cannot ignore.

A Russian wife will be demanding regardless of her soft and kind character. They usually lead active lifestyles and cannot accept lazy men. Therefore, if you think that after conquering your woman, you can relax, we will have to disappoint you because hard work is what you need to do while being married to a Russian woman.

Do not even dare to forget about offering her a bunch of flowers for special dates. You can even do that from time to time to remind your wife that you love and need her. Russian wives love gifts, and a special occasion isn’t a must for giving them. Just pamper your wife from time to time.

Russian wives are not the ones who will stay at home and wait for you to come back from work and eat the dinner they prepared. They require attention because they know their value. If you are not ready to be with a woman who is not just a beautiful cover but has a deep personality, then a Russian wife is not for you.

How to find a Russian wife

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Aren’t you scared to overcome the challenges of having a Russian wife? Then start thinking about where to find her. You might meet a lot of Russian women in your country. Many of them go abroad to study or work and successfully date foreign guys.

It might be a challenge for you though and if you live not in a very big city, it is natural that you will never come across a Russian woman. Searching for other options is crucial in this case and one of them is online dating.

Plenty of online dating websites invite you to meet gorgeous Russian women and promise you high success rates. Not all of them can give you what you need, unfortunately, and to avoid troubles and disappointments, it is better to choose only verified and reputable services.

For that reason, you can hire a matchmaker but must be ready that this would be very expensive. International matchmakers do not always guarantee success also. For the beginning, you can choose a couple of more or less affordable dating sites with a good reputation.

It is better to avoid free websites to find a Russian wife because these ladies do not use such platforms, and those who do might appear to be not serious or scammers. Both options are not the best and pleasant to face.

If you do not want to communicate online but only to meet in person, you can always use the services that arrange social tours to the country. They are created for foreign men looking for Russian wives. You will have a nice evening and will be surrounded by hundreds of beautiful women who are interested in foreign husbands. It reminds of a speed dating event but is more relaxed and informal.

Learn about Russian culture

Before you start searching for your Russian wife, learn at least something about her culture and especially dating culture. It is very different from that in your country, and if you do not want to be disappointed, it is necessary to be aware of the culture and customs. 

For example, many foreign guys got used to the fact that women in their countries always write every day and are offended if a man doesn’t write or calls that often. In Russia, women appreciate their personal space. They do not like to be overwhelmed by messages and may not respond for several days. This is absolutely normal and you should not be offended. Do not create any dramas for that reason.

While dating, men pay all dating bills so do not expect your Russian girlfriend to share the bills with you. She will never do that and even might not appear for a second date because will consider you a greedy man and not a gentleman. Finding a Russian wife is not difficult when you know everything she expects from you, therefore, devote some time to learning the above mentioned info well.