Feel young again – Myspecialdates members are waiting for you

Feel young again – Myspecialdates members are waiting for you

Do you remember the last time you felt crazy in love? Good for you if you have a beloved woman, and if you don’t, you can change that right away. We are talking about online dating services, with the help of which you can easily get acquainted with women from other countries. Wondering what that implies? Keep on reading to find it out!

Time has come to change your life drastically

Cyber dating is widely popular since it is a very convenient means of meeting new partners you might have never met otherwise. Apart from the fact that your choice on dating platforms is practically unlimited, you can date whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need to spend money on dates in cafes or cinemas, for example, – the best dating spot is your PC, tab, or mobile phone. Awesome, isn’t it?

Therefore, if you want to settle down and create a family with a woman of heavenly beauty or just to spice up your routine, choose a nice dating venue like Myspecialdates and get ready to immerse in the whirlpool of wild feelings. Right after a simple registration, you can immediately start looking for your matches. To be more precise, the automated search system will do it on your behalf. Believe us, once you try online dating, you will get addicted to it so that your life will never be the same again.

Choosing Slavic women — pros and cons

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Many men prefer Myspecialdates since they get introduced to Slavic beauties. Why are these women so desirable? And are there any cons of dating them?


  • You will be dating the most beautiful females. Innate beauty combined with an ability and desire to take care of themselves make Slavic women look stunning despite the age. Also, they lead a healthy way of life, which helps them stay fit.
  • You will always be respected and adored by your girlfriend/wife. This is due to their set of patriarchal values implying that a man is the head of a family. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to treat a Slavic girl disrespectfully; she won’t tolerate rudeness and offence for sure.
  • Your house will be a cozy nest and a source of your inspiration and strength. Your children will be taken care of, neat, and well-educated.


  • You may often get jealous. Your Slavic girl always looks great, so you have to either get accustomed to it or stop dating her. Yes, these women attract men’s glances and they like it. Though your Slavic girlfriend may be flirting with other men, be sure that once she falls in love with you, she will never betray you.
  • You have to be able to accept opinions different from your own. Women of Slavic origin are rather determined and want their desires, needs, and thoughts to be taken into consideration. They require you accepting and valuing them as a personality.
  • You need to realize that your lady also has hobbies, friends, and family. Don’t demand to devote all her time to you since it’s the most obvious sign of disrespect for her.

Find your dream woman in a couple of seconds

If you carefully analyze strong and weak points of being in a relationship with a Slavic woman, you see that the pros are much more powerful. Thus, how can you meet a beloved lady on Myspecialdates given the fact that there are so many mesmerizing females? The answer is an advanced search and matching system that delivers to you the best profiles based on your personal preferences. We are glad to inform you that with this platform, you can become your own matchmaker. Just tick the corresponding boxes while setting preferable search parameters, and voilà! Now your task is to choose one or several potential matches and send them an engaging message to catch their attention.

How do I communicate here?

You won’t be surprised to learn that the main means of interaction with your interlocutors on the site is messaging. You can send instant messages in a chat or you may choose writing a letter in case you want to tell your woman something special. Yet, online communication isn’t about texts only. Though Myspecialdates hasn’t introduced an option of a video call yet, you can attach various media files to your messages as well as enrich them with emoticons to express your feelings.

Another way to interact with a lady you like is liking her video show. What is that? It’s an exclusive feature of Myspecialdates – a clip presenting a woman in her routine surroundings. Keep in mind that this option performs two functions: first, you can learn more about your match’s everyday life, and second, you can make sure that a lady is real. By the way, all the women registering with the site are carefully verified by the operators of the site manually. Thus, no need to worry about communication with fake profiles.

An eternal question: to pay or not to pay

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If you are the one hoping to get quality for free, we will disappoint you. The site is partially paid, but free features are impressive, and they will definitely let you decide whether you would like to continue using the service or not. Also, you can try for free how everything functions: after confirming your email, you will be granted bonus credits. Besides, on no other sites will you find so many free pictures taken both casually and professionally. Add here a possibility to view one video show per day for free – and you will realize why this platform is so demanded.       

Other cute options

As you know, there is hardly a woman who dislikes presents. Slavic ladies are especially fond of courtship. So, if you want to attract their attention and prove that you aren’t a cheapskate but a true gentleman, surprise your sweetie with a gift! It shouldn’t necessarily be something precious and too expensive; just go to the presents section and choose a proof of your affection. It may be a box of chocolates, flowers, or a soft toy – any sign of your attention will be deeply appreciated.

Also, you can make use of «Contact request» and «Set up a meeting» options. For them to be successful and your favorite lady to approve of them, communicate with her for a while first. The reason is that you need to build trust and mutual understanding gradually since Slavic females are very cautious while getting close with foreigners. But if you both feel that you’ve become intimate and can share even the most sacred memories with each other, time has come to take your online relationship to a new level. Make a meeting request and trust Myspecialdates! Their Team will do everything possible to create the most romantic atmosphere for you both!

Summing up

Even if you are a busy professional leading an active life, remember that there should always be some space for love and romance. With online dating platforms, combining love and professional life has never been easier. Join Myspecialdates to check it yourself!