The dos and don’ts of international dating

The dos and don’ts of international dating

You cannot surprise anyone with an international couple or family nowadays. You can see such couples every day in any country of the globe. People tend to expand their interests, horizons, and dating isn’t an exception.

International dating opens much more opportunities for everyone. If someone cannot find his better half locally, an international dating site becomes a great option and boosts one’s chances to meet a life partner.

However, thinking that you can simply open an international dating website, create a profile, and find your soulmate without any issues would be wrong. It doesn’t happen this way and if someone told you it does, this person doesn’t tell the whole truth then. 

International dating is the same hard work as building local relationships, especially when looking on dating sites. Such dating has its pros and cons, challenges, and problems to overcome. Before you start looking for your partner overseas, check this guide and be well aware of what you should be prepared for.

The challenges for international couples

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If you ask any international couple about their experiences, you will hear approximately the same stories. That’s because people who come from different countries and cultures often have the same issues. Unfortunately, not all of them manage to cope with them and often break up.

If people really love each other though, then such challenges will seem minor for them. After overcoming them successfully, they finally live together in one of their countries, have the cutest kids ever, and enjoy life and each other.

Before you start the international dating process, check what kind of problems you should be prepared for and how to solve them easily. Any relationship is a sort of a challenge and only the most patient ones can build really happy families. 

Endless travels and expenses

When meeting someone from another country, you will not move to her country and she won’t come to yours at once, will she? It means that you will only be seeing each other from time to time. Therefore, you both will need to travel a lot no matter where you both live.

International dating is always about traveling. Of course, sooner or later, you will eventually move to one country and live together where you both find the most convenient. However, while dating, traveling is inevitable. As you can understand, such a way of life requires expenses.

Expenses do not end when you both decide to move to a common country though. Very often, your wife needs to go through a long process of getting her visa, especially if you are from the United States and she is not. K-1 visas, immigration lawyers, and everything else will cost some good money for you.

You will be happy eventually. Your beloved wife will be there with you so that you will be able to start living a normal life like a casual couple. However, get ready for the fact that your spouse might not be able to work for some time in your country due to law regulations. It means that you will need to provide well for her so she would not be in need of anything. 

Such a long-distance relationship often causes lots of stress to couples meeting each other on international dating websites. If international dating is your goal and you really intend to meet your soulmate this way, you should be prepared for it both physically and emotionally. There is no better recommendation than just being patient in that case. If you really want to be together, distance won’t scare you.

Cultural barriers

When it comes to international dating, you always have two major issues — language and culture. You can come across these problems even when being on one of the best international dating sites. 

Quite often, men who join such sites come from English-speaking countries while girls don’t. At the initial stage, you use the help of an interpreter to communicate on a site. After the meeting, you must somehow adapt and as a rule, a woman starts learning English. Without it, she will not be able to live in your country. 

Even after learning your language, some peculiarities of both languages and expressions often cause many confusions and misunderstandings. You will have to learn how to understand each other with time. All this can be very frustrating but still, inevitable.

Culture is another thing that plays dirty jokes on people dating internationally. When a man and a woman have two opposite cultures, they need time to get used to it. If you think your crush has said something offensive, just wait a bit and make sure she meant it. It might be just a cultural misunderstanding.

If you do not want your couple to break up because of such little confusion and bizarre situations, better learn something about her culture. Being aware of at least some basics would be a must.  

Sooner or later, you both will learn more about each other’s cultures and languages and will understand each other much better. For now, just be patient and be willing to learn the peculiarities of another country and culture. Dating culture is not an exception, by the way.

Prejudice and disapproval

There are lots of good people on Earth, however, some of them are quite mean and not tolerant. When it comes to international dating, society can be unpredictable. Couples having very different appearances are often stared at and judged by such individuals.

It is not very pleasant to hear how people discuss your couple behind your backs. However, if you learn not to pay attention to them, your life will be much easier. Ignoring them would be the right decision.    

The situation is a bit tougher when your family or friends disapprove of your couple. In that case, you often have to be torn between your love and family. Although this is not very pleasant and makes you struggle, you both just should show your families how much you love each other and are happy together. 

The dos of international dating

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If you are looking for international dating sites for marriage, you should take into account a couple of factors and realize that this process would be a bit different from what you used to. It might even seem unusual to you and from time to time, you will wonder whether this is for you at all. 

No worries, everyone goes through it sooner or later, and you are not the first and not the last one. Just use a couple of helpful tips that should facilitate the process and help you find your crush as soon as possible. 

Pick legitimate international dating sites only

When browsing the Internet and searching for international dating websites, you will come across hundreds of them. Do not rush to start your search though. You should approach this step seriously while there are lots of scams online.

In international dating, it is better to avoid free dating sites or social media platforms, for example. You never know what intentions those girls have and who is hiding behind those nice profile photos. Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Try to find reputable and legitimate dating websites on the international market. For that reason, don’t neglect to read their terms and conditions thoroughly. Find some reviews on the Internet and see whether other users have had a good experience on this site. Do everything to understand that this service is worth your time and money!

Invest in your profile

Nothing comes easy, and international dating won’t bring you any good results without a proper profile. Therefore, you should work hard on it. Choose a good profile photo and make sure it is recent. If your pictures leave much to be desired or are out of date, try to make some new ones.

Do not neglect to describe yourself and your expectations well. Your potential partners must know what you are looking for and not guess it by looking at your empty profile. Your description, photo, and profile, in general, do matter for your success.

Be eager to video chat

If you have no idea what the best international dating site is, try to find the one that offers a video chat option. You and your partner should see and hear each other well. It would be good if the site offered a translator for your video chats or calls.

Video chat options are great to see how you both look and whether you two exist at all. Unfortunately, even if you pay, you cannot be sure to come across a real person in many cases. You should make sure the lady you communicate with is the one in her profile pictures before you manage to spend a bunch of money on communication with her. 

The don’ts of international dating

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Now you know what you should do on international dating websites and it’s time to learn what you should avoid by all means. Try to pay attention to the tips below, as well as various red flags we describe further. 

Sometimes, international dating turns into a disaster and even the best international dating site cannot prevent you from this. The truth is people are too different at times and such cultural barriers don’t let you find your woman even though you are a good person.

Thus, you should learn some peculiarities of international dating sites, take into account what country your woman comes from, and be patient enough to succeed. Here are things to avoid when longing for international dating:

  • Never put anyone into frames. Some guys love writing longreads and require the same from women. If you can be online days and nights, it doesn’t mean everyone would do the same. Be patient and accept people for who they are, don’t require to write 5k words in each letter or reply the very same day. People are different!
  • Avoid confessing love without meeting in person. Her letters might be quite beautiful and romantic but remember that it takes much more to fall in love. Try to meet in person, at least.
  • Never send money to someone you have never seen in reality. Online daters can be tricky, so if you don’t want to become a victim of scammers, avoid sending money to a woman you have never met. Don’t believe all of her sad stories as well. This is what scammers usually tell!

Without trying, you will never know

International dating is not for everyone, however, you never know where you meet your love. If you have never tried international dating sites and have some doubts, you can at least give it a try. 

It is much better to regret doing something than to regret not doing it. If you have no luck with women in your country, consider looking for them somewhere else. You might become one of those happy guys who managed to find their love overseas.