What real Ukrainian women dating is like

What real Ukrainian women dating is like

American guys are split into two camps. One of those is a big fan club of Ukrainian women while others are just haters who think all girls from Ukraine are gold-diggers and scammers. How to understand who is right and where to look for the truth?

Ukrainian women dating is a hot topic abroad. On the one hand, you can see many foreign guys boasting about their family-oriented, loyal, fun, and beautiful Ukrainian girlfriends. On the other hand, a big club of those who suffered from Ukrainian girls can be created nowadays. 

The truth is not too complicated, though. You shouldn’t generalize and just realize that people are different. Ukrainian women are different also, and their attitude towards dating and marriage varies as well. Moreover, you should not underestimate the cultural and language barriers.

In other words, it is crucial to:

  • understand Ukrainian culture on dating women;
  • learn to distinguish real Ukrainian women for dating;
  • be able to evaluate each situation soberly.

The guide below will help you complete all the above-mentioned steps quickly and efficiently.

When in Rome, do as the  Romans do

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Unfortunately, lots of foreigners do not understand what Ukrainian women really want and need. When something goes wrong, they conclude that a woman is not sincere, bad, and just a scammer. It is not always so, though, and the reason for you to think so can be quite different.

It is crucial to learn the culture and at least the dating culture and etiquette of the country you are going to. Since you want to date a Ukrainian woman, you should understand her expectations. You are the one who wants to date and marry a beautiful, young, and hot woman, and you should learn how to convince her to become your girlfriend.

Ukrainian dating is very different from that in the US. It is not that open-minded or independent. A Ukrainian woman will never tell you what she wants or needs but will expect you to feel and guess it. If you don’t meet her expectations, she will just kindly say goodbye to you.

You are the one to pay

When dating Ukrainian women, forget about partnership or sharing the bills. In Ukrainian culture, paying the dating bills is always up to a man no matter how much he earns. If you ask a girl for a date or even if she asks you, remember that the bill is yours!

Do not even think to ask her to share the bills. Otherwise, you will never have the next date with her. If you invite your woman to go somewhere together or meet in your country, do not even expect her to pay for her tickets or bear other expenses. If you offer to go somewhere, you pay not only for yourself but also for your lady. 

You are expected to make gifts

Many foreigners complain that their Ukrainian girlfriends want too much. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry, etc. Of course, a woman with high self-esteem won’t ask for any gifts or flowers. If she does, you shouldn’t be doing it. 

A Ukrainian woman who respects herself won’t ask for any flowers or gifts when dating. She believes she deserves that and is worth it. If you don’t bring flowers to your dates, she will simply make her conclusions and find someone who appreciates and admires her more. 

Of course, we are not talking about expensive or luxurious gifts. You should just not forget about simple signs of attention at least for occasions. If she has her birthday, a gift is a must. Such important days as St.Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, New Year, Christmas, etc. are great reasons to pamper a woman you like with a gift.

You can also offer some little surprises from time to time without any occasion. Just show that you remember and admire your Ukrainian lady. It doesn’t mean that women in Ukraine are materialistic or gold-diggers. It is just a part of their dating culture, and you should not deny it. Get back to rule number one and remember — in Rome do as the Romans do! 

Show your financial stability

When dating Ukrainian women, no matter whether you do it online or in real life, you should show that she can rely on you. Financial stability is a quality that attracts all Ukrainian women. They will never date foreigners who cannot protect them and provide for their families.

There is no need to believe all these ladies are just gold-diggers interested in your money only. The truth is modern women in Ukraine pursue a good education and manage to build successful careers. They work very hard to be independent while lots of their local men become lazier and abuse the ability of their women to work.

Therefore, any lady who has achieved something in life, is self-sufficient, and independent doesn’t want to deal with non-stable men who cannot ensure at least a good life. It is not gold-digging but a healthy pragmatism and a wish to avoid the same mistakes in their life.

Ukrainian women and online dating: myths and reality

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If you request a Ukrainian women dating site on your browser, you will see nearly hundreds of various dating services. It looks like all Ukrainian girls are eager to date and marry foreigners no matter what. It is not really so, though.

Unfortunately, you cannot trust all Ukrainian women dating sites you see on the web. In the modern world where online dating is at the peak of its popularity, scammers become even more enthusiastic every day. Not all of those sites are reputable enough and not each of them is legitimate.

You should always pick the most reliable services if you do not want to get trapped and become a victim of one of those scammers or not very scrupulous dating sites. Check the site’s reputation, anti-scam policies, and terms and conditions to make sure you won’t waste your money and heart.

When you find a good service that can help you find a wonderful Ukrainian woman for dating, you should not forget about the above-mentioned rules and dating etiquette. But before, let’s dispel some most common myths about beautiful Ukrainian girls.

Myth # 1. All Ukrainian women pursue Green Cards

Let’s make it clear at once. The times when Soviet girls wanted to marry foreigners to escape their country and move abroad are long gone. Modern Ukrainian girls have no trouble traveling, and you will be surprised to know that most of them have been to more places on Earth than you.

Traveling, studies, jobs — all these are great reasons to go and move to other countries. Dating and marriage are not even on the list. You should know that a lady from Ukraine will never marry someone she doesn’t like or love only for getting a Green Card. You will need to work harder to get her, and even your citizenship won’t prevent you from rejection.

Myth # 2. Girls from Ukraine prefer older Americans

Of course, most women prefer when a man is a bit older than her. However, do not think that each Ukrainian woman is going to date a 20-40 years older man. Just a few ladies are ready to accept such an age difference and who knows what their reasons for that are.

Young and beautiful women want to date young and handsome guys, even women from Ukraine. Your status, money, wisdom, and life experience still won’t convince a woman having high self-esteem and respecting herself.

Therefore, if you don’t have any charisma that attracts younger girls in your country, do not think you will be even a bit luckier in Ukraine. Nothing will change here. A young Ukrainian girl will not date an old American man if he is much older unless she wants his money very much. 

If you are pursuing young girls all the time when you are at your senior age and still didn’t find any luck but just disappointment, maybe it’s time to think about what you are doing wrong. Are you ready to be used by young girls because of your money? 

Then do not complain that all Ukrainian women are gold-diggers. Pick a woman reasonably and evaluate yourself properly. You will never face a scammer or gold-digger then because mature women aren’t interested in playing games but only in serious relationships.

Myth # 3. Communication on the site guarantees you marriage

Unfortunately, no. When you register on a dating site to find Ukrainian women for dating, you should be prepared for some work on yourself and your communication. Even if you paid for your letters, video calls, or gifts on a dating site, it doesn’t obligate a woman to have a relationship with you.

Lots of guys confuse online communication and a real relationship. A woman doesn’t care how much you pay on a site. If you don’t meet her criteria of a man or expectations, you have no chance because she will refuse no matter what.

Work on your communication, follow the rules mentioned above, be a gentleman, surprise and impress your woman. None of your beautiful letters will substitute this. Invest time and effort in your Ukrainian woman dating, and then you will succeed for sure!