I am looking for a wife: learn where to find her

I am looking for a wife: learn where to find her

Looking for a wife seems like a waste of time when you are in your 20s or 30s. However, once you grow older and become mature and wiser, you start thinking of where to find your spouse. People often face challenges and difficulties in finding their life partners and there are some reasons for that.

At least decades ago, no one experienced problems with dating and relationships. Times have changed and people have changed along with them. Modern men and women are much pickier and more independent. They have more and more requirements for their potential partners and do not want to compromise.

Looking for a wife to marry becomes even more complicated. It is difficult to find a decent woman with traditional family values nowadays. Although it is not that easy, it is more than possible. Read until the very end and find out how exactly.

The don’ts of looking for a wife

The best tip for everyone looking for a new wife would be to stop being obsessed with that idea. This sounds very contradictory but it is true. When you are eager to do something, for example, to get married, you will hardly reach success in this. It doesn’t mean that a marriage should not be your goal though.

You have your absolute right to dream of getting married and have it as your primary goal but you do not have to be obsessed with that idea. Some people build plans. For example, they say «I am looking for a wife and I must get married by next summer» or «I must get married within six months». Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way.

When you pursue an idea and do everything to make it come true, you are likely to make mistakes. Most likely, you will not be too selective and simply choose the wrong people. Getting married within six months is great, but it is not that fabulous to marry someone who doesn’t match you and divorce in a few years, is it?

Therefore, just enjoy the process. Love, relationships, and marriage aren’t subject to any laws, schemes, or plans. No matter what plan you have in your head for today, life makes its adjustments. Date someone, love each other, live together, do activities, and let everything go smoothly and naturally. Only in this case, you will make sure that your wife is around the corner.

Where look for a wife

i am looking for a wife

If you don’t do anything and just know one way from your home to the office and back, you will hardly find your wife. Of course, people can randomly meet even in a traffic jam during rush hour. You should not wait for that crucial moment though but be a master of your own destiny.

Spending time in the comfort of your home is great, but it won’t help you find your future wife. Just sitting and waiting for your destiny is not the best tactic, so you should consider putting in some effort. Find out what to do to find your spouse the soonest.

Evaluate your chances

Before you start looking for a wife, you should evaluate the situation and weigh all of your advantages and shortcomings. You might have very high self-esteem and consider yourself a perfect candidate for any woman, but you should look a bit deeper than that.

Everyone has his flaws and shortcomings, and you are not an exception. Look in the mirror and see whether you like what you see there. If you were a woman, how much would you like the man you see right now? Try to answer these questions honestly. Your future depends on those replies.

You should by no means lower your self-esteem and lose confidence. Confidence is great but no one canceled self-development. Modern people work a lot on their knowledge, appearance, and improvement. The competition is very high, so you should keep up with them.

You can always start working out to make your shape better, do a new haircut and get some better clothes to look better, read more to be wittier and smarter. Women love not only good-looking but also intelligent men. 

The other side of the coin is when you do not like what you see at all and do not have enough confidence to start talking to a woman, not to mention dating her. You should never lose self-belief and underestimate your chances. If you think you are not too handsome, too smart, or fit, and do not deserve a good wife, you will never find her.

Being realistic is crucial but not too cocky or unconfident. If you do not like something about yourself, just improve that and make sure any woman would accept those qualities. There is nothing impossible, so know it and work on yourself.

Start doing activities

People who have no interests or passions, find it more difficult to find their spouses. When you do some sports or have other hobbies, finding someone who shares your interests is not that problematic anymore. 

If you are one of those guys who don’t do anything but work, you’d better find hobbies. What do you like doing or have always wanted to do? If you love arts, start attending drawing courses. If you have always wanted to dance, start attending dancing classes. 

Such activities will not only bring you lots of new acquaintances but also increase your self-esteem and cause many positive emotions. If you don’t find your wife in one of such places or while doing those activities, you will definitely gain more new friends. In the future, they might introduce you to their friends, and you won’t need to be looking for your wife anymore.

Consider looking for a wife online

Not everyone has enough time for activities and socializing. You might be working hard to earn enough and ensure financial stability for your future spouse. This guarantees you a good life but reduces your chances to meet your bride.

Therefore, following the latest technologies and keeping up with time, you need to consider looking for your wife online. This will be very helpful in case you work remotely and spend all of your time at the computer. If you run a business or are a responsible manager, for example, and all your life is your work, online dating will also help you find your better half. 

How to find your wife online

looking for a wife to marry

As you can understand, looking for your wife online supposes that you register on one of the dating sites. Social media can also be helpful in that case but you shouldn’t count much for them. Finding a serious woman on Facebook or Instagram is nearly as successful as finding her in a bar or nightclub.

There are many specific dating services created for the purpose of finding a match and a future spouse. You should only pick a good website that could not only provide you with online dating opportunities but guarantee that you can find a decent wife on their platform.

If you have never looked for a woman online and have no experience or your experience was not very successful, check the tips below and see how to find what you are looking for online. 

Create an appealing profile

After you find a reputable dating service and make sure it has good reviews and reputation, you should create a decent profile. It is a crucial stage and your profile is your face. Women will learn more about you from it and decide whether you are a good match. 

Therefore, posting a recent and appealing photo is a must. Avoid posting your old pictures or those where you don’t look positively. Your eyes should not be hidden behind the shades. Avoid photos with your body naked, etc. You should look like a good potential husband since no one wants to marry a party boy. 

Describe yourself well. Make it clear to women who and what you are and what you are looking for. Don’t write too much or too little. The information should be enough to understand who you are but not your biography to make women bored. 

Consider international dating

If you are looking for a wife to marry in the USA but fail to find a decent lady in your country for some reason, international online dating would be helpful in this case. There are plenty of international dating sites online and you will easily find the one for you.

Before you start spending money on them, you should first make sure you are ready for the challenge of having a wife from another country. Learn at least something about her culture and traditions. Find out whether you might have visa issues when traveling to meet her. Conduct your investigation to avoid problems in the future.

Looking for a wife is difficult only for those who don’t want to devote time and put some effort into it. If you have a wish, you will find her easily. Good luck!