What dating Slavic women is really like

What dating Slavic women is really like

Slavic women are quite popular nowadays. They are registered on many dating sites and happily date and marry men from other countries. Needless to say, they are extremely beautiful and for that reason, admired by many guys.

Not everyone knows what dating Slavic women is really like and what challenges they might face when using a Slavic women dating site. If you intend to consider dating one of the most beautiful brides in the world but don’t know where to start or what to expect, check the guide below and learn all you need to succeed in that process.

Who are Slavic women and what to expect from them

When speaking about Slavic women, foreign guys usually mean Russian or Ukrainian girls. This is not right though because «Slavic» is a very generalized notion. Women from many different European countries belong to Slavs. 

Thus, Polish, Belarussian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, and many other ladies belong to a Slavic group. It means only that you cannot generalize all of these ladies and judge them by the same criteria. All of these women have absolutely different cultures and customs and cannot have the same attitude towards foreign guys, dating, or marriage.

Since Slavic women dating sites are mostly teeming with profiles of Russian, Belarussian, and Ukrainian ladies, we will try to cover information that concerns these girls mostly. You will find out all you should know about dating exactly these Slavic women and decide whether it’s worth your time or not.

Let’s dispel some myths

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Slavic women dating is surrounded by many rumors and even myths lots of foreign guys really believe. Before you start dating your beauty from a Slavic country, you should be aware of which of those myths have nothing to do with reality.

People often create stereotypes and follow them for many years. Persuading them into something different is very difficult but still, necessary. Therefore, if you want to know the truth about Slavic women, check the following myths to find out whether they are true or not.

All Slavic women are obedient housewives

Myth number one says that Slavic women are silent housewives who stay at home while their husbands work, raise their kids, cook round-the-clock, and clean the house from morning till night. As you can imagine, it is not true.

Slavic women, especially those who belong to Europeans, are modern and independent ladies. You will hardly find such a housewife even among Ukrainian or Belarussian women. They are not as they have been hundreds or even decades ago.

A modern Slavic lady is a self-sufficient, career-oriented, and very educated woman. She knows what she wants and of course, her family is very important to her. However, just a few ladies prefer staying at home and being housewives. They are not as obedient nowadays as you could have heard.

Slavic women want to date and marry foreigners

Although you may find many Slavic women on various dating sites, those are just a small percentage of them. Yes, many women from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus register on dating sites to meet foreigners. However, if you take a look at statistics, only 15% of Russian women are eager to marry foreign men.

The rest of the girls prefer their local men. This myth has Soviet roots when women wanted to leave their countries and go abroad. They really married foreigners to move abroad. The times have changed. Many Slavic countries belong to Europe nowadays, and those women do not have to move anywhere.

As for Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarussian women, they do not have any problem going abroad for work, studies, or just traveling, and they do it very successfully. There is another problem in these countries — the number of women is much lower than the number of men.

Naturally, ladies must look for their happiness elsewhere and since not all of them have chances to get married in their countries, they date and marry foreign guys. They do it not to improve their living standards or financial situation but because there are not so many really decent men. 

They all wear high heels, long hair, and mini-skirts

There is a belief among foreign men that Slavic women prefer wearing high heels, mini-skirts, short dresses, and long hair every day. You might also think so if you have never been to those countries and just judge from the photos on Slavic women dating sites.

Of course, girls take pictures wearing high heels, dresses, and skirts to look good in their profiles. However, they do not look this way in their everyday life. Slavic women dress well, this is true. They also always look good. They wear convenient clothes every day though.

If you expect to see a modeling show when arriving in Ukraine or Belarus, for example, then you won’t see it because girls dress very casually if they run to work or just go for a walk. They wear high heels for an occasion, as well as their bright makeup.

All Slavic women want money

This is another myth that is partially true. You must have read multiple stories about foreigners who have been scammed by Slavic women in Ukraine or Russia. Yes, such stories really exist and they are often based on true events. It is necessary to make the situation clear though.

If you join a dating site to find Slavic women, you should be realistic. What are your age expectations? It is very easy to get lost when seeing thousands of beautiful and hot profiles, of course. You should not forget about your common sense though.

If you are an average man in your 50s or 60s, looking for your life partner, you should pay attention to women in their late 30s-40s. When you start communicating with 20-year-old girls having a hope they are really interested in your personality or consider you as their potential life partner, then why do you complain?

Naturally, such girls cannot be interested in you seriously. They might be flattered to have your attention, gifts, being your pen pal, or even sponsored by you. Those girls will never be interested in much older men for a serious relationship. Thus, before concluding that all Slavic women are gold diggers or scammers, review your search criteria and ask yourself whether you can really find a life partner following those criteria.

How to succeed on Slavic women dating websites

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If you have decided to find a serious Slavic woman for dating and marriage, you can join a dating site for that purpose. No worries, if you pick a good and trustworthy service, you will never be scammed but fully protected by their anti-scam policy.

To avoid being guided by stereotypes, you should be aware of all the difficulties and challenges that wait for everyone who wants to date Slavic women. Here are a couple of tips for you to follow to succeed:

  • always prefer video-chats to messaging to see whether a woman is real and if you really have chemistry;
  • never send money to someone you have never seen or met in reality;
  • avoid overwhelming Slavic women with messages, as well as ignoring them — they need some personal space but don’t forget about the necessary attention;
  • remember that you can send gifts for occasions even when dating on a site;
  • try to arrange a personal meeting and don’t procrastinate with it — Slavic women do not like waiting too long;
  • have a good profile and post nice and recent photos if you want someone to be interested in you;
  • learn at least the basics of her dating culture and customs before starting your communication. 

Why Slavic women make perfect partners

Dating Slavic women regardless of their origin can be a real challenge for foreign guys. This happens only because they are not aware of their peculiarities and traditions much. Despite all rumors and myths, women from Slavic locations still make perfect partners and can make any man happy by their sides.

First of all, a Slavic woman is patient and strong. She can bear many difficulties and overcome lots of challenges. You will be impressed by her  mental strength. Even though they seem fancy and fragile outside, they have very strong personalities inside. 

Such ladies make great supporters for their men. You will always feel loved and cared for when having a Slavic life partner. Yes, sometimes, they are not easy to handle or conquer. It seems they are so cold at first sight. But once you prove that you are really worth this girl, she will be yours forever and give you all her love, tenderness, and support.

Although modern women are very educated and have good careers, they are still great wives and mothers. Their unique ability to combine their professional and private lives is incredible. Not many women in the world can possess these qualities. If you want to have a strong, fun, and supportive partner, then a Slavic woman would be a really great choice.